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The first step in ensuring safety for the Women's March on NJ 2018 was obtaining our necessary permits. The purpose of the permits is not only to secure a location, but to ensure all town agencies, including the police, are involved in the planning process. Security is a top priority. All proper security measures have been discussed and put in place in coordination with the police and other town agencies.

While marching is a fundamental right protected under the United States Constitution, the safety and security of the attendees and organizers is of the utmost importance. We are working very closely with the Morristown Police Department to ensure the event is as safe as possible and everyone is well protected. Members of the Morristown Police Department, both identifiable and unidentifiable, will be there to protect us and our right to free speech and the freedom of assembly. As such, we ask that you respect and obey any lawful requests made by the MPD.

UPDATE: Chief Demnitz and the Morristown Police Department understand all of our concerns and have weighed their desire to protect us as well as your desire for a comfortable, easy marching experience. They are actively encouraging participation in the march. The Morristown Police Department WILL PERMIT BOTTLED WATER, SEALED AT THE TIME OF ENTRY (for example, Poland Spring or any other brand of bottled purchased in a store) as well as purses and smaller size bags (clear, preferably). For clarification, strollers, diaper bags, and baby carriers are also permitted. PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE HEIGHTENED SECURITY AT ALL ENTRY POINTS AT BOTH VENUES AS WELL AS THE MARCH ROUTE. Any items presented at an entry point are subject to a search. Officers do reserve the right to restrict any item that may pose a danger. For example, if someone brings a large flag to the event and the flag is on a long wooden or metal pole, the participant will be asked to remove the flag from the pole and leave the pole at the checkpoint (but be more than welcome to bring the flag!). Chief Demnitz has asked me to convey that he is very open to hearing your concerns and can be reached directly We hope this answers some of your questions and that everyone has a positive, uplifting experience at the march, and will come knowing that they are well-protected!

Revised restriction list:

As per the request of the Morristown Police Department, here is an list of items that are NOT permitted at the WMONJ 2018:

-Any weapon or any item that could be utilized as a weapon
-Back packs of any kind (purses and small bags, preferably clear ones, are permitted)
-Metal or glass containers
-Matches or lighters of any kind
-Masks of any kind or any item that can be fashioned into a mask
-Pets (unless ADA service animals)
-Chairs (unless for ADA needs)
-Bicycles, scooters, skateboards
-Tobacco products of any kind
-Laser pointers
-Water balloons
-Signs/poles made of anything but cloth, paper, foam, cardboard
-Any item of protective clothing including helmets and shields

*Water bottles ARE permitted. The Morristown PD requests that all bottles of water you bring be purchased at a store (such as Poland Spring) and BE SEALED AT THE TIME YOU ENTER THE VENUE.

Given that there is a chance of rain attendees are advised that no umbrellas will be allowed into secured areas and should plan accordingly. 
Any person attempting to enter secured areas may be subject to search by law enforcement authorities.

The safety of our participants is the first priority of WMONJ 2018 organizers and the Morristown Police Department. We recognize that there may be times when you may be inconvenienced on the day of the march and ask for your understanding.

This is a peaceful march/rally. All attendees must understand that your actions can affect the safety of your fellow attendees. We urge all attendees to respect and take care of yourself and those around you. Anyone that acts in such a way that causes harm to another human being, breaks the law, and/or is disruptive to the peaceful events taking place will be removed immediately by law enforcement. Any damage done to public or private property in the town of Morristown will result in a participant's prompt removal. All legal fees and other costs associated with any charges stemming from a participant's actions and/or participation in the march are the sole responsibility of the participant. All marchers/attendees participate at her/his own risk.

*By participating in the Women's March on New Jersey 2018, you agree that the Women's March on New Jersey, its organizers, staff, hosts, supporters and sponsors are not responsible for any and all claims for personal injury, property damage, or death that may result from your participation in the March.