frequently asked questions

WHAT DO I WEAR? This is an outdoor event taking place in January. It encompasses a rally at the steps of the Morristown Town Hall and a March to The Morristown Green. When it comes to attire, please dress appropriately for the weather. Plan on it being a chilly day, so wear multiple layers and comfortable shoes or boots along with accessories such as hats, scarves, and gloves.

UPDATE: Chief Demnitz and the Morristown Police Department understand all of our concerns and have weighed their desire to protect us as well as your desire for a comfortable, easy marching experience. They are actively encouraging participation in the march. The Morristown Police Department WILL PERMIT BOTTLED WATER, SEALED AT THE TIME OF ENTRY (for example, Poland Spring or any other brand of bottled purchased in a store) as well as purses and smaller size bags (clear, preferably). For clarification, strollers, diaper bags, and baby carriers are also permitted. PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE HEIGHTENED SECURITY AT ALL ENTRY POINTS AT BOTH VENUES AS WELL AS THE MARCH ROUTE. Any items presented at an entry point are subject to a search. Officers do reserve the right to restrict any item that may pose a danger. For example, if someone brings a large flag to the event and the flag is on a long wooden or metal pole, the participant will be asked to remove the flag from the pole and leave the pole at the checkpoint (but be more than welcome to bring the flag!). Chief Demnitz has asked me to convey that he is very open to hearing your concerns and can be reached directly

We hope this answers some of your questions and that everyone has a positive, uplifting experience at the march, and will come knowing that they are well-protected!

Revised restriction list:  As per the request of the Morristown Police Department, here is an list of items that are NOT permitted at the WMONJ 2018:

-Any weapon or any item that could be utilized as a weapon
-Back packs of any kind (purses and small bags, preferably clear ones, are permitted)
-Metal or glass containers
-Matches or lighters of any kind
-Masks of any kind or any item that can be fashioned into a mask
-Pets (unless ADA service animals)
-Chairs (unless for ADA needs)
-Bicycles, scooters, skateboards
-Tobacco products of any kind
-Laser pointers
-Water balloons
-Signs/poles made of anything but cloth, paper, foam, cardboard
-Any item of protective clothing including helmets and shields

*Water bottles ARE permitted. The Morristown PD requests that all bottles of water you bring be purchased at a store (such as Poland Spring) and BE SEALED AT THE TIME YOU ENTER THE VENUE.

Bring any signs to support any/all women's rights, especially those that hold personal significance for you. Be creative. Keep in mind that, according to the rules and regulations for demonstrations, signs, banners, posters, and placards "must be made solely of paper or cardboard and supported by the person, not by or framed by wood, metal, or any other material of a firm nature. Nor shall they be self-supporting, affixed, or lean against a building." Please be sure to be respectful of the city's request. The reasoning is that paper and cardboard are safer materials than wood and metal.

ARE THERE ANY SLOGANS FOR THE WOMEN'S MARCH ON NEW JERSEY? “Power to the Polls" is the official slogan of the WMONJ and the national Women’s March.

WHY IS THERE NO MENTION OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP IN YOUR MISSION STATEMENT? This March is an affirmative, peaceful gathering open and safe for women, their allies, and their children. That insight originates from the National March and has been widely accepted by the many marches across the country and the world.  

We want this to be an affirmative March FOR all women's rights, including all the hopes mentioned in our mission statement above.  While these issues are being threatened by the President, we do not want a negative connotation to the March.  This march is not a protest; it is a rally in solidarity with marchers across our nation and world. It is about placing aside our differences, joining together, and raising our voices in strength and pride. It is about us - the women and their supporters who will gather on January 20, not about one man.

WHERE WILL WE BE MARCHING? We will begin at the steps of the Morristown Town Hall, 200 South St, for a welcome/send-off, then we’ll march to The Morristown Green for the speaker program. This is a 12-15 minute walk. 

HAVE THE NECESSARY PERMITS BEEN ACQUIRED? Yes all permits and clearances for the march and rally have been obtained from the city of Morristown. 

ARE TICKETS NECESSARY FOR THE MARCH? No, tickets are not necessary. EventBrite registration is for headcount purposes only to assist with our planning.

ARE ACCOMMODATIONS IN PLACE FOR THOSE WHO MAY NEED THEM? Yes. In the spirit of our March, the organizers want to be sure our event is as inclusive as possible. There are designated handicap parking areas, handicap accessible portable toilets, sign language interpreters, chairs reserved for those who need them, volunteer accommodation assistants the day of the event, and a march route accessible to all. 

Handicapped accessible portable toilets will be located at both the Town Hall and Morristown Green venues.

Handicapped parking will be available in the parking lot behind Town Hall, off of Franklin Street. Handicapped parking permits/tags must be visible in order to access this parking. Accessible parking will also be available near the Green location. More details will follow.

Our march route is flat and straight. It has also been checked for curb cuts to make sure it is easy to access.

A team of volunteers will be dedicated to specifically assist those who may need it. Our volunteers will be wearing bright yellow pinnies and March buttons. If you need help, please ask one of our team members.

For visually impaired March participants, we have implemented a VIDEO DESCRIPTION SERVICE.

During the march, participants can dial into (319) 527-3082 where they will hear a live announcer discussing the sights of the Women's March event.

The description line will be open at 11 a.m. and will run throughout the event with breaks. This service is reserved for our visually impaired participants. We hope this will assist them in having a more well-rounded March experience.

WHAT HAPPENS IF IT SNOWS? In the event the march is cancelled, any cancellation notice will be posted on this website, our WMONJ Facebook page and Facebook event page, the WMONJ Eventbrite page, as well as on our Twitter and Instagram accounts as soon as the decision is made (please see Contact Information listed below). 

Cancellation will be determined as soon as possible since we know many may be traveling long distances. Please be certain you have access to any/all of these social media venues and sign up as followers or register with these sites where applicable. Connect with others who are traveling to the march and communicate with one another. If you do not see any cancellation notices on our web outlets, the event is on. Safety is our utmost concern. Regardless of the weather conditions, if you feel that traveling to the march poses any danger to yourself, please remain safely at home. We know you will be with us in spirit! 

WILL THERE BE RESTROOM FACILITIES? Yes, attendees will have access to porta-potties. 

WILL THERE BE FOOD AVAILABLE? Food will not be served at the event so we recommend bringing any snacks you think are necessary. There are many places in Morristown to duck into for warmth, to pick up a snack, etc. before, during, and after the March.

All trash must be disposed of properly. March volunteers are responsible for all clean up and, more importantly, we want be respectful to the city that is hosting our event. When in doubt, carry in, carry out!

CAN MEN AND CHILDREN PARTICIPATE TOO? Of course. Anyone who is a supporter of women's rights is welcome. We encourage men to attend. Many of the issues we are concerned about cross sex and gender lines, including "Power to the Polls," our initiative to empower everyone, not just women to exercise their right to vote and make their voices heard at the ballot box. 

Bringing children is up to you. It will be an exciting day, but there will be large crowds, cold weather and possibly snow. In January, temperatures can dip close to or below freezing in NJ. Watch the forecast and be sure everyone in your group is bundled up, especially children. Strollers are welcomed.

ARE PRESS PASSES BEING ISSUED? Press passes are not being issued, however, press credentials are required to access any press areas designated at the event. At this time, no designated press area will be available. Please plan your approach accordingly. Keep press credentials visible at all times.